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21 May2018

Roots Expedition May 2018 • Day #4

by Mark Moore | 21st May 2018

So the 4th day of the course saw the Pros’ Course running through some confined and open water scenarios. We also worked through our open water instructor slates and identified what standards would need adapting for specific disabilities. It really is very warm out her and we moved over to the beach dive centre for a recreational dive.

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The coral conservation course is moving on a pace with matrixes being placed to allow for a count of coral.  Just watching the buoyancy skills of these severely injured young men is truly humbling.

I talked about the ‘family’ atmosphere it is really powerful watching these guys working together and for each other, both while diving and socially.

The Open Water divers all successfully completed their course and went on to complete an Adventure Dive to 30 metres to enable them to dive the Salem Express on our last full day in Egypt.

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Last night there was a night dive followed by a beach BBQ.

Today we are off to the local town where we are all participating in a Dive Against Debris around the harbour.  We had a full briefing last night; with our key aims being the removal of fishing line and plastics.

The whole expedition is taking part in a photo shoot this afternoon at the water’s edge followed by a recreational dive

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