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19 Apr2018

Protecting Our Oceans

by Richard Cullen | 29th May 2017

In many ways this photo by Dmitry Knyazev during Deptherapy’s ten day Red Sea Military and Forgotten Wrecks Liveaboard in June 2017, funded by the 2016 Chancellor of Exchequer’s Libor Fund sums up what Deptherapy is about.

In the foreground is PADI Ambassadiver Chris Middleton, Chris as many know lost both his legs, one above the knee and one below the knee in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. On the right is Luke Morrison who lost his left leg below the knee when he knelt on an IED.

Both men are very clear that Deptherapy and scuba diving changed their lives and in Chris’ case saved his life.

What is equally important is the beautiful coral on the wreck and a marvellous turtle that show our seas at their very best. Yet across the world our oceans are at threat by global warming, pollution, over fishing and the menace of plastic.

Shortly Deptherapy will be announcing a major environmental project entitled:

‘Protecting Our Seas’

The concept was the brainchild of Deptherapy Ambassador and winner of the 2018 Royal Foundation’s Endeavour Fund ‘Recognising Achievement’ Award, Ben Lee and has gained the support of every Deptherapy programme member past and present.

For Ben, Chris and their Deptherapy band of brothers this is a way of paying back for what the oceans and Deptherapy have given them; a chance to live a full and productive life after suffering devastating physical and/or mental injury.

Working with a range of agencies and with the support of the dive industry we intend to become a campaigning organisation, in line with our values, seeking to draw to the attention of the diving community and the wider general population, the real and immediate dangers to our oceans.

Watch this BLOG, our Facebook Pages and our Twitter account for our press release about this major environmental initiative.

Remember our programme members gave so much for their country and now are prepared to fight again, this time to protect our seas.

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