Divers join hands in a hovering exercise ……and a great team photo.

About Us

We run a developmental process of specially adapted scuba diving programmes for Wounded, Injured and Sick serving UK Armed Service personnel and veterans who have suffered life changing mental and/or physical challenges. The charity also provides 24/7 support for programme members and an active ‘buddy peer’ support scheme.

Academic Research: PTSD

The programme has many proven benefits for the troops which is starting to attract the attention of those in academic research. We are working with agencies both here and in the USA in respect of further research into the rehabilitative properties of scuba diving for the severely wounded. Our programmes are especially beneficial to those suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is supported by senior doctors and has provided startling results.
I am clear that Deptherapy is not about providing diving holidays. Deptherapy is a developmental programme, its foundation is the PADI Open Water course leading to the PADI system of Continuing Education. There is no right to a place on the programme, it is a competitive process. To access our expeditions you need to have been part of the Deptherapy programme”
Gary Green [formerly The Rifles, Deptherapy Ambassador & Board Member ]


“ To promote the rehabilitation of British Armed Forces personnel & Veterans, who have suffered life changing mental or physical injuries, through the medium of scuba diving and as the charity develops to extend this to the UK blue light services and disabled people generally. ”

Our primary aim is to support and help injured current and ex-serving members of the British Armed Forces.  We work with those who are suffering from life changing mental and physical challenges.

Those with physical injuries who have been on our programmes reported that the weightlessness that scuba diving provides allows them to be pain free.  For many the first time since their injury.  For those with PTSD it provides a calming environment as one programme member describes the aquatic realm, “When I put my head under the water the demons disappear.”

Through Deptherapy Education we provide training and advice to dive professionals and dive organisations as to how to adapt scuba diving skills so that those with disabilities might qualify as scuba divers.

The team and programme has changed my life, I no longer think I cant do this due to my disabilities I just jump in and try it if I can't do it I sit back and think of the conversation I had with Richard pool side and try again.  What an absolute honour it is to work so closely with the team of individuals that make up the Deptherapy family.
Ben Lee [Deptherapy Ambassador]